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Progress report for period June 12th - June 25th

Before I considered applying for SoC this summer, I talked to potential mentors and mentioned that my studies finish on June 15th, and they said it was no problem. Although my initial schedule did consider first two weeks, where it mentioned that during that period, code should be analysed and it should be discussed what should be done. I tried to stick to the schedule as much as possible, but in the end, it did not work as I planned. So, starting at June 16th, I started to become more involved with the discussion, as well as some coding. That covers "why you didn't blog earlier?" question someone might ask.
During the coding period, I discovered that MetaDisplay, main GObject of Mutter had a lot of X11 specific fields, so I had to move them into something else, which we (mentors and myself) decided to call MetaX11Display. A lot of code had to be modified, and that had to be carefully approached, so nothing got broken in the process. The "coding" I had done wa…