Progress Report June 26th - July 9th

Another two weeks have passed, and here I am again, reporting on what I've done. Contrary what the title says, the work period was (once again, sadly) shorter than that. First week, as it might've been known, was the first evaluation week, which I passed (which makes sense, since I'm writing here again, no?)! I want to use this opportunity to thank my mentors for nice feedback they've given me on both the evaluation form and on my previous coding experience.

Since I was waiting for evaluation results, there went first 5 days of the first week, as it would not make sense to continue had I failed. As soon as I found out I passed the first evaluation, I started gaining more feedback on the previous code drop, as we discussed on how should different parts be implemented or reimplemented differently that I originally did. Waiting for second response took some time (a bit more than I expected, but hey, I understand that my mentors have their own jobs and families, and they accepted to be our mentors voluntarily).

While I was waiting for the feedback, I started working on the task I outlined in the last post - splitting MetaScreen into MetaDisplay/MetaX11Display, and getting rid of MetaScreen structure itself. That part was mostly successful, and my latest (wip) branch contains no MetaScreen (except maybe in some left over comments :)). However, since there is a lot of code which interconnects with each other, the final branch is rather in a pitiful state - a 5 or so patches, each about over 1000 changes, with two peaking on more than 2000 changes (additions/deletions). To make things worse, the work was based on previous branch, one I did not fix with the feedback I was given. Still, I'm glad that's the case, since I had to change things I should've changed during the first part - and now I can merge that into part one, keeping part 2 smaller (although, by a small amount)!

That said, my next adventure comes to properly fixing my first code drop with given feedback, properly splitting into several more patches second part and hopefully starting to work on my original goal - getting mutter wayland to start without X11 available! From my current observations, the latter won't be an easy task, and a lot of discussion and planning needs to happen before I move further.

That sums my work from the past week or so. Previously mentioned branch is available at:


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